IDB Group Civil Society | 8th Annual Caribbean Meeting

Digital Transformation for the Caribbean: How technology and innovation are improving people’s lives”

VIII Annual Caribbean Forum, Group – Civil Society


Georgetown, Guyana – June, 8th 2018


The agenda is designed around the following goals:
  1. Digital transformation: What’s coming for the Caribbean?
  2. Present the Bank’s Civil Society Strategy with an emphasis on climate change and natural disasters preparedness
  3. Share successful stories and new technological approaches


Some of the main panels with international speakers:

. What’s coming for the Caribbean on Digital transformation? Alexandre Meira da Rosa – Vice President for Countries IDB Group.

. Digital Transformation and the Industries of the Future. Alec Ross – Former Senior Advisor for Innovation of Secretary Hillary Clinton, and currently a candidate to become the next Governor of Maryland in 2018.

. Robots made in the Caribbean. Karen Abrams.

. Digital Transformation & Natural Disasters. Eric Rasmussen Singularity – Silicon Valley.

. Use of innovative technology and data to assess the impact of sea-level rise and coastal flooding in the Caribbean. Ben Strauss – Climate Central.

. The role of Civil Society in promoting a digital economy. The experience from Estonia. Kristi Kivilo.


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