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Effective work with Indigenous peoples: How does my organization measure up?

Effective work with Indigenous peoples not only implies recognizing their rights but also their identity... [...]

The role of Civil Society, Governments, and the Private Sector in fostering development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Over the past few decades, the Latin American and Caribbean region has seen significant changes [...]

Extractive Sector and Civil Society: When the work of communities, governments, and industries leads to development

¿Cómo los gobiernos, las comunidades y las industrias pueden utilizar la diversidad de sus intereses y necesidades para generar beneficios mutuos pa[...]

Times change, rules change: A new citizen engagement

To set the ground for an engagement with Civil Society that effectively contributes to the goals of reducing inequality and poverty, promoting product[...]

IDB Group-Civil Society: Engagement Strategy

What strategies add value to the relationship of governments, companies and civil society? [...]

The Future of Work: Regional Perspectives

Some key perspectives regarding the jobs of the future [...]

The impacts of shifting from print to digital textbooks

Education systems are rapidly moving toward greater digitalization. [...]